Intelligent Workplace Solutions

Multiply your workplace capabilities.

From bespoke intranet solutions, to collaboration tools, to your own expert assistant, ICS Solutions have developed a unique, self-service automation platform called FLEX. FLEX meets the many and varied demands of the digital workplace.


With your digital transformation project in ICS Solutions’ hands, you will work alongside industry experts to make the implementation of your perfect intelligent digital workplace a breeze. Utilising the powerful technologies of the Office 365 and SharePoint platforms, FLEX is designed for quick, simple and cost effective adoption across organisations.

Cognitive Automation

Leverage the power of bot technology.

Cognitive Automation ties together the cognitive and platform capabilities from Microsoft’s Cloud with FLEX’s Automation software. Pre-built assets provide you with the tools and services needed to build and manage AI bots in a rapid and cost effective manner. With FLEX, from ICS, you’ll be provided a package of products and services to help your organisation get started with a selection of foundation bots.

Consultancy Services

Deploy Azure quickly, easily and efficiently.

ICS Solutions have gained an industry reputation for delivering innovative Cloud solutions that maximise value for our clients. Extensive investment in Cloud technology, combined with deep project experience has allowed ICS Solutions to develop a three pronged collection of services that can be flexibility combined to suit the needs of your organisation to help you seize Windows Azure IaaS effectively and efficiently.


ICS Solutions have a set of six exclusive IaaS Accelerators, each based on a common IaaS usage scenario, which encompasses the best practice, proven techniques and methodologies of many successful past Azure implementations. This allows you to implement winning IaaS strategies quickly and cost effectively by jumping straight to best practice.

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